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Hair!Porn Battle

Hair!Porn Battle

So incandescent & I got to talking at the awesome friending meme about a shared love of Hair!Porn caps, and the lovely nottiem mentioned how awesome a battle would be that focused on fantastic ladies and their hair, and it definitely made me think that such a thing needs to happen.

If anyone else is interested in participating, let me know! We're aiming to have a mixture of chosen caps and technical themes, with a maximum icon submission of something between 10-12 icons, and I have every intention for this to be a low key, fun kind of thing.

1. raiindust: Cap | Muted Coloring
2. marcasite: Cap | Bold/Vibrant Coloring - SUBMITTED
3. the_silverdoe: Cap | Obscure Crop - SUBMITTED
4. ofthesea: Cap | Chiaroscuro
5. holidaylights: Cap | Visible Texture Use - SUBMITTED
6. nottiem: Cap | Text Use
7. incandescent: Cap | Far Crop - SUBMITTED
8. applepips16: Cap | Negative Space - SUBMITTED
9. ohgollygeedamn - SUBMITTED
10. thyla87 - SUBMITTED
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